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Matching Cognitive Remediation to Cognitive Deficits in Substance-Abusing Inmates
This is a 2 -year NIDA funded grant (Co-PIs: Joseph P. Newman, John Curtin, and Carl Lejuez) that examines whether recent progress in characterizing the cognitive deficits associated with psychopathic and externalizing offenders may be used to develop better therapeutic [more...]  interventions to treat their substance abuse and other self-control problems. Inmates with externalizing or psychopathy will receive one of two computer-based interventions to remediate the core cognitive skills that have been linked to self-regulation deficits in the two groups. One intervention (ACC) targets the affective cognitive control deficits associated with externalizing offenders whereas the other intervention (ATC) targets the attention to context deficits associated with psychopathic offenders. The specific components of the project include: selection and randomization of inmates; pre- and post-treatment behavioral and brain-related (ERP and Startle) measures to evaluate the impact and specificity of the ACC and ATC treatments; and 6 sessions of behavioral (e.g. computerized) and verbal training in ACC or ATC.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: May 2011 Completion Date: May 2013
Non-invasive Quantification of Liver Iron With MRI
The purpose of this study is to validate magnetic resonance imaging as a biomarker of hepatic iron concentration (HIC). Excessive accumulation of iron in the body is highly toxic, specifically in the liver. Accurate, non-invasive assessment of HIC is needed for [more...]  diagnosis, quantitative staging and treatment monitoring or hepatic iron overload.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: January 2012 Completion Date: August 2013
Prospective Evaluation of Interscalene Nerve Catheters vs. Single Injection Blocks
The primary hypothesis is that those patients who choose an interscalene catheter will have less pain postoperatively than those with single injection blocks. Secondary hypotheses examine physical therapy outcomes and incidence of parasthesia or pain following surgery for [more...]  up to 3 months.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: June 2011 Completion Date: June 2012
Reduced Contractile Reserve: a Therapeutic Target in Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction(HFpEF)
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) accounts for over 50% of heart failure cases in the United States, affecting a primarily elderly population. No treatment has been shown to affect mortality in HFpEF, which is more than 50% at five years a [more...]  hospitalization. This project explores the underlying cardiovascular physiology of patients with HFpEF with the goal of identifying new therapeutic targets that would allow improved treatment of this devastating disease.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: April 2011 Completion Date: May 2020
Phase II PAP Plus GM-CSF Versus GM-CSF Alone for Non-metastatic Prostate Cancer
The investigators are trying to find new methods to treat prostate cancer. The approach the investigators are taking is to try to enhance patients' own immune response against the cancer. In this study the investigators will be testing the effectiveness of a [more...]  vaccine that may be able to help the body fight prostate cancer.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: April 2011 Completion Date: April 2027
Study Two on the Effectiveness of Mindfulness Training for Smokers
The MTS2 study enrollment goal is N=240 adult smokers randomized to study treatments. The study design includes two randomized arms to compare matched intensive interventions and a third non-randomized option for participants who prefer not to enter an intensive [more...]  intervention. It is expected that roughly 50% (120) will choose to be in the randomized intensive interventions and 50% (120) will choose to be in the non-intensive intervention. Participants who choose to be in an intensive intervention will be randomized to either Mindfulness Training for Smokers(MTS) (n = 60) or Integrated Training for Smokers (ITS)(n=60). Both MTS and ITS are smoking cessation interventions that provide 8 classes over a 6-week period and 2 weeks of nicotine patches. MTS provides and training in mindfulness whereas ITS provides training in quit smoking strategies and access to the Freedom From Smoking Online Premium Program. Participants who choose to be in a non-intensive intervention (estimated from prior recruitment data at n=120) will receive a phone-based intervention through the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line and 2 weeks of nicotine patches.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: March 2011 Completion Date: December 2013
Efficacy of Lanthanum Carbonate in Calciphylaxis
The research question and primary aim is to determine if lanthanum carbonate is effective in treating calciphylaxis by measurement of complete or partial remission of skin lesions. Secondary endpoints will be measured to determine if lanthanum carbonate can lower [more...]  calcium-phosphorus product levels, intact PTH and mortality. Albumin levels will be measured as a marker of nutritional status and inflammation.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: February 2011 Completion Date: February 2013
Study of Velcade and Temsirolimus for Relapsed or Refractory Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
The investigators want to find out if the drugs Velcade and temsirolimus given together are effective in treating cancer. Velcade and temsirolimus are each FDA approved individually for certain types of cancer (Velcade for multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma, and [more...]  temsirolimus for renal cell carcinoma) but are not currently approved in combination for B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The investigators are trying to find out if giving these 2 drugs together will improve the period of time that the patient's cancer is stopped or slowed from growing and causing symptoms.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: February 2011 Completion Date: February 2017
A Pilot Study to Evaluate a Telepharmacy Intervention to Improve Inhaler Adherence in Veterans With COPD
Hypothesis: Can a counseling intervention, delivered by a pharmacist, increase inhaler adherence in veterans with COPD who have demonstrated poor inhaler adherence through pharmacy refill records? Veterans who receive who receive daily maintenance inhalers from the William S Middleton [more...]  Memorial Veterans Hospital Pharmacy and who have a medication possession ratio less than 80% over the previous six months will be invited to participate in the study. This study will randomize 100 participants to a usual care arm or a pharmacist counseling intervention. Final data collection will be six months after randomization to determine if both self-reported and refill record adherence has changed.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: January 2011 Completion Date: 
Feasibility Study of Biomarkers of Response to Neoadjuvant Paclitaxel in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
The purpose of this study is to determine if the investigators are able to locate and measure certain characteristics in breast cancer tumors that have been treated with paclitaxel that may correlate to how well the cancer will respond to the chemotherapy.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: December 2010 Completion Date: February 2014
Cranberry Proanthocyanidins for Modification of Intestinal E. Coli Flora and Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections in UTI-Susceptible Women
The purpose of the research is to determine if eating sweetened, dried cranberries or strawberry fruit pieces will increase the types of different E. coli bacteria in the intestines which may reduce the likelihood of a major, or highly harmful urinary type of [more...]  bacteria which cause urinary tract infections in susceptible women.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: September 2010 Completion Date: June 2013
Attenuation of Pain in Men and Women
The purpose of this study is to examine opioid and endocannabinoid mechanisms of exercise-induced analgesia in men and women.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: September 2010 Completion Date: 
Slow-wave Deprivation in Depression
Sleep deprivation can acutely reverse depressive symptoms in patients with major depression. Although underlying mechanisms of the antidepressant action in sleep deprivation are unclear, many of these observations can be explained by abnormal slow wave homeostasis. This study [more...]  will test the prediction that selectively reducing slow waves during sleep (slow wave deprivation; SWD), without disrupting total sleep time, will yield an antidepressant effect.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: June 2009 Completion Date: 
NCRR ARRA Development-Workforce Development
The research proposed in this collaborative application Implementation and Evaluation of Formal Training for Mentors of K-Series Mentored Career Development Awards will uniquely study mentor training in the biomedical academic community. The randomized controlled trial will be conducted [more...]  at 15 Clinical and Translational Science Award sites over a 21-month period with six months for baseline data collection, nine months for the intervention, three months for follow-up, and three months for analysis. The multi-site trial will be conducted to determine whether the resultant skills-focused, case-based, mentor training program can improve the mentoring skills of K series mentors.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: September 2009 Completion Date: September 2011
Short (5 Days) Versus Long (14 Days) Duration of Antimicrobial Therapy for Acute Bacterial Sinusitis in Children
The investigators objective is to compare short course (5 days) to long course (14 days)antibiotics for the treatment of acute bacterial sinusitis in children. The investigators hypothesize that short course therapy will lead to more frequent relapses of sinusitis [more...]  and will not reduce resistant organisms.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: November 2010 Completion Date: April 2015
Enhancing Osteoporosis Therapy: Can We Open the Anabolic Window?
Current osteoporosis therapies produce a prompt increase in bone mass, followed by only modest or no further subsequent gains. This limitation, known as the "remodeling transient," reflects the "coupling" of bone resorption with formation such that interventions impacting [more...]  either of these processes lead to compensatory changes of the other. For example, medications which increase bone formation promptly also stimulate bone resorption. Thus, given the need to dramatically increase bone mass in patients with osteoporosis, it is necessary to "uncouple" formation and resorption. The investigators believe this to be possible using currently existing FDA-approved therapeutic agents, by using a novel, sequential approach. This pilot project will obtain preliminary data essential to support future work. In this study, the investigators will begin to explore the use of sequential anabolic treatment with teriparatide followed by antiresorptive therapy with raloxifene. The investigators propose that such sequential treatment will allow opening of the "anabolic window," the brief period of time following initiation of teriparatide therapy in which bone formation exceeds resorption.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: September 2010 Completion Date: December 2011
Moderating the Negative Impact of Abnormal Screening Mammograms
This project evaluates the impact of CHESS-Mammo by assessing participants' health information competence, psychological distress, and satisfaction with their doctor as measured by previously validated survey questionnaires.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: May 2010 Completion Date: December 2011
Interactive Cancer Communication System (ICCS) Directed Physical Activity Enhancement for Colon Cancer Survivors
This study will develop and test the benefits of a new ICCS (Interactive Cancer Communication System), a mobile Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (Survivorship CHESS) in colon cancer survivors. Survivorship CHESS will provide information, tools, and a support system [more...]  based on our previous work with FRESH START and CHESS, two highly successful interventions that have promoted lifestyle change among cancer patients and survivors. Survivorship CHESS will be designed to help subjects develop 1) competence in information gathering, decision-making, and behaviors they are trying to change, 2) social support systems to help deal with the cancer experience, and 3) autonomy that comes with regaining a sense of control over their lives; this in turn, will help them adopt or maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors and improve their quality of life.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: February 2010 Completion Date: December 2012
Trial of Panitumumab/Cisplatin/Fluorouracil With XRT in Esophageal Cancer
The overall study objective is to evaluate the dose limiting toxicities and the recommended phase II dose of Panitumumab when combined with the standard of care treatment with cisplatin, fluorouracil and radiation in patients with locally advanced esophageal cancer. [more...]  The investigators will also be assessing the ability of PET imaging to predict the degree of pathologic response. All patients will have a pre-study FDG PET scan and will receive radiation therapy and chemotherapy over a 35 day period. 4-8 weeks post radiation and chemotherapy patients will be restaged with a PET/CT scan. It is anticipated that approximately 30 patients enrolled will undergo an esophagectomy which is considered standard of care post radiation and chemotherapy. The surgery will allow us to compare this study regimen to the historical standard of care (Cisplatin/fluorouracil chemotherapy with radiation therapy).
Status: Recruiting Start Date: May 2010 Completion Date: December 2013
A Pilot Trial to Determine the Efficacy of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus for Reducing Colonization by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) (PROSE)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the feasibility, safety and efficacy of oral probiotic, Lactobacillus rhamnosus versus oral placebo for reducing colonization by MRSA.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: January 2010 Completion Date: November 2011
Estrogen for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of Estradiol treatment for advanced breast cancer that is hormone receptor negative and Her2/neu negative. The study will also use tumor tissue from your original diagnosis or from a biopsy you may have [more...]  had for your cancer to look at hormone receptors in the lab. The tissue left over from your previous surgery or a previous biopsy will be used for research tests to check whether a different estrogen receptor (estrogen receptor beta) is seen in the tumor and if that makes estrogen work better.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: January 2010 Completion Date: December 2013
Asthma and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common but under-diagnosed form of sleep disordered breathing (SDB). Asthma is a common disease with rising prevalence, which continues to pose significant morbidity and costs. In spite of considerable progress in our understanding of [more...]  asthma, a large number of individuals with asthma continue to have symptoms and subsequently, have a poor functional status, poor quality of life and increased health care costs. In many cases no apparent cause is found and optimal therapy does not achieve its goal. While recent data suggests that OSA is common in severe asthma, the prevalence of OSA and its predisposing factors have not been studied.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: March 2007 Completion Date: December 2013
Functional Activity of Airway Eosinophils in Allergic Disease
The purpose of this study is to determine how a special white blood cell, the eosinophil, can contribute to asthma. One of the characteristics of asthma is airway inflammation. Airway inflammation in asthma may occur when an allergen is inhaled and sets up [more...]  an allergic reaction in the bronchial tubes. This reaction may lead to chest tightness, cough and wheeze. To better understand the way in which the eosinophil can cause inflammation, the investigators plan to study eosinophils that move in to the lung following an allergic reaction.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: November 2009 Completion Date: March 2018
Glucose Monitoring in Tissue Transfers
The purpose of this study is to determine if 1) a continuous glucose monitoring system can measure glucose levels in transferred tissue during reconstructive surgery, and 2) if glucose measurements from a continuous glucose monitoring system correlate with tissue blood [more...]  perfusion.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: August 2009 Completion Date: March 2011
Comparison of Videoconference and Face-to-Face Delivery of Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the equivalence of CPT treatment delivered remotely via telemental health (TMH) over videoconferencing or via traditional face-to face (FTF) treatment to veterans who have Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from a military-related [more...]  stressor (i.e., combat, sexual assault, non-combat physical assault). The secondary objective is to determine if patients' ratings of PTSD symptoms, affect, social adjustment, therapy alliance, treatment satisfaction and therapist satisfaction, are equivalent between service-delivery conditions (TMH vs. FTF). A final objective is to develop web-based practice assignments to assist participants in the TMH condition with treatment adherence (completion of the between- session practice assignments).
Status: Recruiting Start Date: December 2009 Completion Date: June 2013
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