Louisiana Clinical Trials

Dose Finding Study In Subjects With Crow's Feet
The purpose of this study is to establish the therapeutic range of ANT-1401 in the treatment of Crow's Feet.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: September 2013 Completion Date: January 2014
A Double-Blind Pharmacokinetic Interaction Study Evaluating the Effect of a Single IV Infusion of GGF2 or Placebo on Midazolam Pharmacokinetics in Patients With Heart Failure
The study will examine midazolam pharmacokinetics following single dose administration of 3 planned dose levels of GGF2.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: September 2013 Completion Date: March 2015
Monitoring Disease Activity Using Video Capsule Endoscopy (VCE) in Crohn's Disease (CD) Subjects Receiving an Immunomodulator (IMM) and\or a Biological Treatment
This study is designed to evaluate the responsiveness of VCE in the assessment of mucosal inflammation after 6 months of treatment with either an Immunomodulator (IMM) and\or biological drug.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: August 2013 Completion Date: December 2015
Inhaled Iloprost, Dynamic Hyperinflation, and Oxidative Stress in COPD Patients
The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of the pulmonary vasculature in the development and progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To accomplish this, an inhaled prostacyclin (iloprost) will be given to patients with COPD and changes in [more...]  oxidative stress and lung volumes during exercise will be measured.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: September 2013 Completion Date: 
Assess Safety & Efficacy of WC3055 in Men With Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Secondary to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of various fixed daily doses of WC3055 compared with placebo for the treatment of subjects with LUTS secondary to BPH.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: August 2013 Completion Date: September 2014
A Global Phase 3 Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Elagolix in Subjects With Moderate to Severe Endometriosis-Associated Pain
A randomized study evaluating the safety and efficacy of elagolix in the management of moderate to severe endometriosis-associated pain in adult premenopausal female subjects.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: September 2013 Completion Date: April 2016
Open-Label, Extension Study to Evaluate the Safety of Hydrocodone Bitartrate Extended-Release Tablets
This is a 6-month, nonrandomized, open-label extension study to assess the long-term safety of hydrocodone bitartrate extended-release tablets in patients with moderate to severe chronic low back pain who require continuous opioid treatment for an extended period of time.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: July 2013 Completion Date: August 2014
Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity and Efficacy of NDV-3A Vaccine in Preventing Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis
This is a multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study intended to assess the safety, tolerability and humoral and cellular immune response over a 12-month period after receiving one dose of either the NDV-3A vaccine, NDV-3 vaccine, or placebo. In [more...]  addition, the clinical efficacy of NDV-3A vaccine in lowering the recurrence rate of vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) in patients with recurrent VVC (RVVC) will be evaluated relative to placebo.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: July 2013 Completion Date: July 2015
A Blinded Comparison Trial of Two Topical Creams to Reduce Thigh Girth and to Smooth Thigh Skin in Women
The purpose of this study is to evaluate efficacy of two lipolytic creams differing in their bases and demonstrate that their herbal ingredients can reduce the size of the thigh and smooth the appearance of the thigh skin. It is hypothesized that creams with [more...]  two different cream bases containing herbal products that stimulate the lipolytic process through stimulation of the beta-adrenergic receptor, with one cream base applied to each thigh daily 5 days a week for 4 weeks will reduce thigh girth and smooth the thigh skin compared to baseline.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: August 2013 Completion Date: August 2014
Pharmacokinetic,Safety and Exploratory Efficacy of RECTIV® in Adolescents With Chronic Anal Fissure
RECTIV® is an ointment containing 0.4% nitroglycerin (NTG) for the treatment of moderate to severe pain associated with chronic anal fissure approved in June 2011 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for adults. The purpose of this study is to assess the [more...]  safety, pharmacokinetics, and exploratory efficacy of RECTIV® in adolescents
Status: Recruiting Start Date: June 2013 Completion Date: June 2014
Open-label Extension (OLE) Study of Plecanatide for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC)
This is a multi-center, open-label, 52-week safety and tolerability study of plecanatide in patients with Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC).
Status: Recruiting Start Date: August 2013 Completion Date: March 2015
A Short-Term Appetite Suppression Trial Using Appethyl™: The Pizza
The purpose of the study is to determine whether Appethyl™, made from spinach, will reduce appetite and hunger given on the same day of testing.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: July 2013 Completion Date: August 2014
Study Comparing Combination of LGX818 Plus MEK162 and LGX818 Monotherapy Versus Vemurafenib in BRAF Mutant Melanoma
A prospective, randomized, open label, multi-center, parallel group, 3-arm phase III study comparing the efficacy and safety of both, LGX818 plus MEK162 and LGX818 monotherapy, as compared to vemurafenib in patients with locally advanced unresectable or metastatic melanoma with [more...]  BRAF V600 mutation. A total of approximately 900 patients will be randomized 1:1:1 to one of 3 treatment arms: 1) LGX818 plus MEK162 (denoted as Combination arm), 2) LGX818 monotherapy (denoted as LGX818 arm), 3) vemurafenib.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: September 2013 Completion Date: June 2017
Pediatric Schizophrenia Efficacy and Safety Study
Safety and Efficacy study of Lurasidone in pediatric patients.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: August 2013 Completion Date: August 2015
20-Week Repeat Oral Dose Study of AKB-6548 in Subjects With Chronic Kidney Disease and Anemia
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the hemoglobin response (efficacy), safety, and tolerability of orally administered AKB-6548 in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (pre-dialysis) with anemia with dosing for 20 weeks.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: July 2013 Completion Date: November 2014
Induction, STabilization, Adherence and Retention Trial (ISTART) of OX219 Buprenorphine/Naloxone
The purpose of this study is to assess treatment efficacy and adherence of OX219(Buprenorphine/Naloxone) versus SUBOXONE Film (Buprenorphine/Naloxone)and to explore switching between treatments.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: July 2013 Completion Date: March 2014
Effectiveness of DMF and Its Impact on PROs in Suboptimal GA Responders With RMS
The primary objective of the study is to estimate the annualized relapse rate (ARR) over a 12-month period in patients with relapsing forms of MS who are treated with dimethyl fumarate (DMF) after suboptimal response to glatiramer acetate (GA). The secondary [more...]  objectives of this study in this study population are to assess the impact of DMF over a 12-month period on patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and health economic-related outcomes and to evaluate additional clinical outcomes at Month 12.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: July 2013 Completion Date: July 2015
Progress of Mild Alzheimer's Disease in Participants on Solanezumab Versus Placebo
To test the idea that solanezumab will slow the cognitive and functional decline of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) as compared with placebo in participants with mild AD.
Status: Recruiting Start Date: July 2013 Completion Date: December 2016
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Clinical trials allow volunteers access to medical treatment options before they are available to the general public. Participants often receive the best healthcare available for their condition.

Risks are a reality, however, and may include more frequent doctor visits, health risks (possibly life-threatening), and/or the treatment being ineffective. Trials are federally regulated with strict guidelines to protect participants.

Louisiana Clinical Trials Information presented on ClinicalTrialsSearch.org is not intended to be a substitute for qualified medical advice visit or treatment with a real physician. We are not physicians. Always consult with a medical doctor (MD). ClinicalTrialsSearch.org is a website dedicated to listing clinical research studies in human subjects, including those specifically related to Louisiana. Clinical research trials and medical trials take place in hundreds of cities across the United States. A clinical trial or clinical study is a research project with human volunteer subjects. Clinical drug trials and pharmaceutical clinical trials generally measure the effectiveness of new treatments and drugs. The purpose of the studies is to answer specific human health questions. Clinical trials are a popular way for doctors, government agencies, and private sector companies to find treatments for all kinds of conditions. Clinical trials allow volunteers access to medical treatment options before they are available to the general public. Many times the participants receive treatment for free, and sometimes they are paid for their time. Participants often receive the best healthcare available possible for their condition. Risks are a reality, however, and may include more frequent doctor visits, health risks (possibly life-threatening), and/or the treatment being ineffective. U.S. - based Louisiana studies are federally regulated with strict guidelines to protect patients.

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